Forms for Radionuclide Projects

Form Number Form Name
Form 8.2.038.A Application for Nonhuman Use of Radioactive Material
Form 8.2.038.B Training and Experience of Radiation Project Director
Form 8.2.039 Application for Change in Possession Limit
Form 8.2.044 Radioactive Material Transfer Report
Form 8.2.088A Request to Add an Individual to a Radionuclide Project
Form 8.2.130 Request to Remove Individual(s) or Lab(s) From a Project
Form 8.2.157 Request to Add Lab(s) to a Radiation Project Authorization
Form 8.2.175 Low-Level Radioactivity Sewage Disposal Log
Form 8.2.226 Request to Reactivate a Radionuclide Project

Forms for X-Ray Projects

Form Number Form Name
Form 8.2.088D Request to Add an Individual to a Analytic X-Ray Equipment Project
Form 8.2.088E Request to Add an Individual to a Medical or Veterinary X-Ray Project

Radiation Dosimeter Service Forms and Information

Form Number Form Name
Form 8.2.122.A Application for Radiation Dosimeter Service
Form 8.2.122.B Application for a Temporary Radiation Dosimeter (One Time Use or Replacement of Lost Badge)
Form 8.2.122.C Instructions for Wearing Radiation Dosimeters
Form 8.2.123.C Radiation Exposure History Record
Form 8.2.125 Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Radiation Dosimeters
Form 8.2.197 Voluntary Notification of Declared Pregnancy 

Information Handouts

Form Number Information Sheet
Form 8.2.111 Notice to Employees (IDNS KLA001.01)