Grant Proposal Information for Researchers


Department of Defense (DOD) and Department of Energy (DOE) Grants


The procedure for obtaining a signature on the "Certificate of Environmental Compliance" or "Financial Assistance Environmental Checklist" forms for DOD & DOE grants is as follows:

    1. Allow two weeks for this approval process. Contact the Assistant Director for Chemical Safety by emailing or call Heather Jackson at 3-9706. Provide the name of the PI requesting the certification, laboratory building, room number(s), and a brief description of the project.
    2. The Assistant Director for Chemical Safety will review the most recent laboratory audit for the space that will be utilized for the proposed research. All deficiencies in the most recent audit must be corrected for the "Certificate of Environmental Compliance" or "Financial Assistance Environmental Checklist" to be approved. In cases involving a significant departmental financial investment, such as installation of eyewashes or safety showers, an indication of how the department plans to meet these requirements must be provided. If an audit was not performed by EHSO in the last year, an audit must be scheduled prior to EHSO signing the forms.
    3. The "UIC Chemicals of Concern" form and "Lab Hazard Assessment" Form must have been completed within the last year.
    4. The signature portion of the DOD/DOE form should be completed with the following information:
      • Name of Official Responsible for Environmental Compliance: Heather Jackson, M.S, CHMM
      • Title: Assistant Director for Chemical Safety and Environmental Compliance
      • Name of Organization: University of Illinois at Chicago
    5. Facility Safety Director/Manager Assurance Forward this form to ChangHwa Hwang ( (6-6873) including a written scope of the proposed research project with details on potentially infectious materials/etiological agents to be used in the research.