Construction Safety Guidelines


The University of Illinois at Chicago endeavors to maintain safe working conditions for its staff and a safe and healthy environment for its students and visitors. To achieve this goal, EHSO created the Construction Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines below. These guidelines are to help Project Managers ensure contractors are complying with applicable health, and safety regulations as well as UIC internal procedures to protect property and building occupants. The contractor nevertheless remains solely responsible for the development and implementation of their own safety program.


The possibility of a fire or other incendiary incident causing major damage to university property and occupants is increased whenever a fire protection and/or suppression system is impaired. The longer these systems are impaired, the greater the probability of fire becomes. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize the duration and scope of any impairment or provide alternate fire protection systems. A Fire Protection Impairment Program is an effective management program used to:

  • Supervise the safe shutdown or removal of service fire protection and/or suppression systems.
  • Control potential fire hazards during the impairment.
  • Restore the fire protection system to service as soon as possible.

If a fire system impairment is needed, contact the UIC Project Manager in charge of the project to make arrangements for the systems to be impaired.